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Jonitz D

Review from trustedshops

absolutely unique and top quality products. Ordering and mailing via webshop always reliable and 100 corect in more than five orders troughout the last two years. Buy Have fun Enjoy

M. Blackburn

Review from facebook

Found this shop in Krakow... Wow,,, Amazing, was in heaven... Excellent shoes, fabulous styles/colours types, I could live in that shop!



‘’the shoes looks great. very attractive. I will surely recomend this product to all my friends. thank you for your honesty. I a very satisfied with your prompt response to my queries.’’

By briccio valdezon - on September 29, 2017

‘’Beautiful shoes...real Italian leather...comfortable They are not exactly as you see them on the photo. My pair of the boots hasn't dark detail of the leather close to the ankle. Any way, great boots. Delivery was faster then expected’’

By Nomad in Soul - on October 23, 2016

‘’Well made high quality boots’’

By Jehsua - on September 2, 2017

‘’Great boot, great price’’

By Amazon Customer - on December 23, 2016