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Handmade Italian Shoes made by shoe masters with handcraft techniques and exclusive Italian leathers.

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ShoesChelsea Boots
Closure TypeSlip-On
Leather KindCowhide
Leather TypeSmooth Leather
Time of Realizationmax 14 days

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Italian Leathers

We use only highest quality Italian leathers, such as cowhide, calfskin and goatskin, to make our shoes. We mainly use smooth, embossed, patent and chamois leather.

Our clients can be certain that every pair of shoes we offer is handmade using the highest quality components, including premium Italian leather which enjoys a very good reputation in the shoe manufacturing industry. This will allow you to enjoy the shoes you purchased for many years.

Handmade Production

All our shoes are handmade by professional shoemakers using the highest quality materials and methods passed down from generation to generation.

The production process starts with the uppers being cut out. The leather used to cut out the uppers is also used for the lining. We always use premium leather (cowhide, calfskin and goatskin). Then the upper is handled by a shoe upper maker who sews individual shoe elements together. Then the shoes are shaped using Italian lasts. Every model and size requires a different last. The next stage is heating the uppers using special heating machines. The next step is attaching the sole to the shoe. The final stage of the production process involves the shoes being sent to our cleaning department, where they are cleaned with brushes and proofed.

Unique Style

The creation of new models of PeppeShoes shoes is mainly about uniqueness.

None of our models are mass produced. Each shoe is made specifically for you, which distinguishes us from chains and allows you to stand out. Moreover, all models are designed in-house, and therefore there are only several or about a dozen pairs of shoes made according to each design. If you have an eye for unique items and you love colours, then PeppeShoes is certainly a place for you!


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Modello Giulio

Modello Giulio

Handmade Italian Shoes made by shoe masters with handcraft techniques and exclusive Italian leathers.

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